Q4 2022 Funds Update Call Recording

Q4 2022 Funds Update Call Recording

January 19, 2023

It was a difficult year for the stock market in 2022. High interest rates, the continued war in Ukraine, COVID-19 variants, and inflation are difficult conditions for any company and that was reflected in the stock market. In fact, last year has the unique distinction as the first in 150 years when both stocks and bonds fell by more than 10 percent. Please click on each of the images below to listen as our fund managers provide updates on the state of the stock market, the performance of their respective funds, and an investment outlook for 2023.

Balanced Fund Update Call 12.31.2022     Small Cap Fund Update Call 12.31.2022     Growth Fund Update Call 12.31.2022


Top 10 Fund Holdings (subject to change)

Mairs & Power Growth Fund 

Mairs & Power Balanced Fund 

Mairs & Power Small Cap Fund 

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